This past week, I attended a workshop about money types offered by Trish Petersen. I was blissfully unaware that all of us can be identified as a certain money type.  There are eight different money types with interesting names, such as tyrant, victim, and warrior.


Turns out I am a “magician” with a bit of “fool.” I felt quite pleased as the magician is regarded as the ideal money type, who is wise, has learned from the past, and who has the will to claim his own power. Looking at the “fool,” this didn’t feel quite as good as he is overly generous and generally lacks discipline.


So, when asked whether there was one other money type whose attributes I would like to incorporate into my money behavior, I chose the “warrior,” the money type that is strategic, that is in charge; the powerful, driven, discerning money type. Consciously working on adding that type’s behavior should help me balance my overly generous and sometimes a bit careless attitude.


What this workshop did for me was create renewed awareness about my strengths and pitfalls with money.


I am finding myself thinking how well this system can be used for our business. Which business type are we? Are we happily dancing along without a plan, and strategy? Do we have set goals and know where we want to be in one, three, five years? How is our time management? Do we attend every single webinar that we get invited to because we don’t have a firm grip on what we really need to learn? Are we driven, in charge, powerful? Do we get it done?


As business owners we need to create a vision, and follow our path to fulfill that vision; no side-tracking. Do you, dear reader, have a vision and what system do you use to stay focused without veering off here and there?