Sounds familiar?? I hear this often. As entrepreneurs we are geared to believe we can and should do everything ourselves and tend to think we are the only ones who can do it RIGHT.

Yet, we are drowning in work, spending evenings at the office while the family enjoys time together.

So, how to determine what to outsource? There are two easy things you can do to get started with your new VA:

  • Your procrastination list. The items on that list are there because you
    • don’t like to do them
    • don’t know how to do them
    • they aren’t urgent (yet.)
  • Your day-to-day activities. At the end of the day, create a list of all activities you did that you didn’t have to do yourself. Did you have to send the email, confirmation, yourself? And what about the research for your next blog post, the posting of it in your WordPress site, any research needed for your business?


These are easy to determine tasks to outsource to your VA and which create a testing ground of how your VA works, how timely and accurate she is. They also serve as a first building block for a successful working relationship with your VA.


What are your questions? Please let me know; I’ll be happy to respond.