Sold?Some say it’s like the question of what was first, the chicken or the egg …. or does it really matter? It does, and surely when we talk about our business.



Mary had an awesome product idea, was full of enthusiasm and went from idea to design to production. Once her beautiful T-Shirts had arrived she just knew she would sell out within a few weeks.



After a while Mary became disillusioned; her sales were very low. what had happened? Didn’t she have the perfect product?



The #2 way to go broke is to create products you haven’t yet sold.



Mary learned a hard lesson. Not every idea is going to sky-rocket into great sales just because you think it will.  So, next time you feel inclined to create a product, talk to your trusted advisors, your friends, to the business colleagues you trust.  Do they want it? How badly? Sell it, right then and there. Only then go about its creation.



I’d love to read your thoughts, do you agree or disagree?